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Email address sending port update to 587 needed after 1st of October 2019

Our datacentre is updating our networks email sending ports as of the 1st of October 2019 to only use port 587 to send mail, now in all our support guides within your hosting control panel we have always said to use port 587 for some time, this is due to many isp's block port 25 due to spam relays and this is now why our datacentre is stopping support for port 25 to keep spam relays limited on our network and port 587 is more secure port for sending email.

So to keep sending emails after the 1st of october 2019 you are best to go into your email software setting and just check your sending mail server port is not setup to use port 25, if it is you just need to change this to port 587, no other changes are needed at all.

We also offer some full guides on this within our support database when you have login.

If you need any more help with updating your setting please contact support for more help with this change.

Customer Transfer Notice

please note we are transferring all customers to our new billing and support control panel if you get any emails linked to this, they are real and you can login to our new control panel here
Please also note our new Webmail login address if you have been moved over or are having problems login to the main one listed on our site can be found here

UPDATE For .eu Domains by EURid - 28-02-2019
The European Registry for Internet Domains (EURid) has announced that when the UK leaves the EU, customers may no longer be able to have a .eu domain. More information can be found here Please contact support asap if you own a .eu domain and come from the uk.
Time Running-Out For '.eu' Domains?
In December, the UK Government issued advice for UK citizens owning .eu domains should there be a 'no deal' outcome to Brexit.
Even if a deal is reached, it seems unlikely that UK citizens (or businesses without an EU presence) will be allowed to use '.eu' top-level domain (TLD). This is evidenced by this April 2018 statement from the European Commission.
So our recommendation is that those who have an '.eu' TLD should prepare for the eventuality of having to change it. We recommend you contact support asap about updating your domain linked to any hosting with us.

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