Programming & Databases
Programming & Databases

Make your website come interactive using databases and custom programming.

MySQL 5 Databases:-
MySQL 5 is a true multi-user, multi-threaded SQL (Structured Query Language) database server. SQL is the most popular database language in the world. MySQL 5 is a client/server implementation that consists of a server daemon (mysqld) and many different client programs and libraries.

Miva Empressa scripts language supported as standard.

Perl, PHP4 & PHP 5, Ruby, Python, Zend, Ghostscript, ImageMagick
Full support including the most commonly used modules for Perl, PHP and Python.

Sun ONE ASP (Chili!Soft ASP):-
Sun ONE ASP (Chili!Soft ASP) allows you to use the Microsoft ASP programming launguage on Linux.

SSI (Server Side Includes):-
SSI (Server Side Includes) are tags that are placed in HTML pages, and evaluated on the server while the pages are being served. They allow our customers to add dynamically generated content to an existing HTML page, without having to generate the entire page via a CGI program, or other dynamic technology. Pages that use Server Side Includes should have filenames which end with the suffix .shtml to be recognised by the server as such.

Perl and PHP Module List:-
View a list of the Perl and PHP modules installed on your web hosting server.

Perl and PHP Paths and Versions:-
View a list of the paths to common programs and see their relevant version number.

HTML Validator:-
Validate the quality of your HTML using this handy HTML checker.

Perl Validator:-
Validate the quality of your Perl using this handy script checker.


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